Canned Meats

As one the world’s most experienced producers of canned foods Tulip Food Company provides the best products on the market in many different categories.

Tulip means a guarantee of taste, innovation and food safety in luncheon meat, chopped pork and canned sausages.

Tulip is renowned around the world for its pork products but we also have a broad selection of chicken-based products. Our chicken range fully complies with all requirements involved in producing halal food.

Most of our products are sold in metal cans but in our eternal quest for innovative and smarter products, Tulip now also offers a wide selection of products in newly developed plastic cups. These cups offer a number of advantages to our customers. Besides being lighter and easier to handle, it is also much easier to open and it can be closed again.

That is why the plastic cup is now the preferred packaging method. A worldwide test has found that consumers consider the plastic cup as superior to the traditional metal can.

If you want to know more about Tulip’s broad selection of canned goods feel free to contact our worldwide sales department or your local office.