Food Safety

No matter where Tulip’s products are eaten, it is crucial to Tulip that our customers can always enjoy them without concern. Our customers need to know that we have worked hard to ensure that our products always live up to the highest standards in terms of food safety.

At Tulip we have more than 40 employees who are dedicated to food safety and quality. Tulip’s quality department is always on hand – at the factories or the main office – to guarantee that Tulip observes both legal requirements and consumer expectations.

We only work with the best suppliers when selecting raw materials and we use the most modern techniques to ensure that both raw materials and finished products observe our strict quality requirements.

On top of the regular visits from the food control authorities, we carry out our own very thorough internal inspections at Tulip on a daily basis. These inspections cover our entire process. We check everything from reception of raw materials to packing and dispatch of finished Tulip products to consumers all over the world.

In this way our hygiene requirements observe the strictest requirements in the food industry. They include everything, from arrangement of buildings, working clothes and behaviour, to daily cleaning.

Food Safety Policy

The safety of our customers is crucial. To keep our customers safe and healthy Tulip has developed a stringent food safety policy that every one of our products must pass before it hits the shelves.

The goal of Tulip’s food safety policy is to focus on:

  • Foreign bodies
  • Microbiology
  • Chemical pollution

In order to protect Tulip’s products from the above dangers, we constantly work on four major safety aspects:

  • Improving the hygienic aspects of our production systems and premises
  • Our staff’s awareness of food safety
  • Establishment of a tracking system that ensures we meet our food safety targets
  • Focus on allergy control

The basis of our food safety policy is the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points principles (HACCP), which is an integrated part of Tulip’s Quality Control System.

Tulip regularly evaluates our management teams to make sure that all technical, financial and human resources are available to achieve our safety goals.