In our opinion, innovation is crucial. Innovation provides our customers with new and exciting products and it also ensures that Tulip continues to grow. We contribute to innovation through both new products and continuous development of our existing range.

When we develop a new product at Tulip it all comes down to teamwork. Every department cooperates closely during the development process. It is essential that Marketing, Sales and Production work together in order to find the right solutions and launch the products of the future, whether in retail, food service or fast food.

Before we launch a new product we cover every possible angle. We study profiles of our customers, investigate how our products are used and examine what our customers expect from a new product. Tulip combines this information with our deep insight of production technologies.

Tulip’s choice of ingredients is based on consumer requirements to ensure we create the right recipe. We then produce small amounts of the product at The Inventorium, Tulip’s test facility. Only after the small-scale production has been tasted, tested and approved do we start large-scale production at one of our factories in Denmark, Germany or Sweden.

Product and technology development is achieved through close cooperation with our suppliers of technical equipment and ingredients. All these elements ensure that Tulip maintains its commitment to innovation and that we constantly use the latest technology and the most innovative ingredients for our products.