Advantages in a plastic cup

Tulips new plastic cup has been very well received by both customers and consumers all over the world
People from all over the world participated in Tulips extensive testing which took place before the new plastic cup was launched. And they agreed, that the plastic cup holds many advantages compared to the traditional metal can.

First of all, the cup has an easy to open lid, no sharp edges and is both easy to store and dispose. Furthermore, the modern, light and clean packaging has a long durability of approximately 2 years.

- Tulip is allways working on improving the taste of our products, but it is important, that we do not only focus on taste but also of usability and convenience for the consumers.

Our plastic cup is a great example of that, because we have taken a well tasting and very popular product and improved the packacing to secure the consumers an even better experience, says Category Manager in Tulip Food Company, Michael Brandt Jensen.

He has closely been following the launching of the new plastic cup in a number of markets including Okinawa within the last year.

- Generally the consumers have been very positive about the plastic cup, and this is of course the real test of the new packacing, says Michael Brandt Jensen.

So far the plastic cup has been launched in Okinawa, Puerto Rico, France, Greece, Cyprus, UK and Germany, but within the next year a lot of consumers on other markets will get the advantages of the plastic cup.