Innovation Process

Tulip takes innovation so seriously that we have developed our own unique innovation process that guarantees the fastest transition from idea to product.

Tulip’s innovation process contains several steps. The process starts with our innovation platforms, trends, concepts and product ideas before proceeding through product development, and finally production. Every one of our new products must make sense to our customers and make them think, “that is clever – why didn’t I invent that myself?”

A large number of ideas for both new products and concepts are conceived on the basis of trends and consumer insights. Tulip gives careful consideration to all ideas before a few are selected for further development.

At every stage of development we carefully streamline our list of ideas until we end up with the best ideas for actual product development. Tulip’s innovation process includes the best minds from all our departments. All essential stakeholders from Marketing, Sales, Production and Innovation are involved.

Our platforms have been established so that everyone involved in Tulip’s innovation process is up to date with the latest developments in food and how the consumers are using Tulip’s products. Tulip’s innovation platforms provide insight and user-friendly information to our innovators. The platforms streamline all this information so that only trends relevant to Tulip’s strategy are utilised.

Product launch

When new products are launched in the market, the innovation process is nearly finished.

Once Tulip has provided all the relevant information concerning the recipe, shelf life and the production process of a new product, all that is left is to make some minor adjustments, if any, when quantities are increased from just a few to hundreds of kilograms. These minor changes ensure that our customers always get the best possible Tulip products.