Mission and Vision

"Appetite for More"

"Appetite for More" is our vision.

Our vision helps us set internal and external goals.

We want:

  • Our products to taste so good that customers will buy them time and time again.

  • Our customers to be so satisfied with our service that they want to do more business with us.

  • Our employees to be so satisfied with their job that they have an “appetite” for new challenges within the company.

  • Our owners and other interested parties to be so satisfied with our results that they want to invest more in Tulip.

  • Our mission is to set a new standard for industrially produced food – a standard based on products with good taste and driven by our “appetite” for growth and success.

We will prove that we can raise our size and resources to a higher quality level, with a higher degree of homogeneity, while maintaining a very high level of food safety.