Quality Assurance

Tulip ensures the quality of our products through our special Quality Management System. The Quality Management System is split into two main parts.

The Quality Management Manual

The Quality Management Manual sets out Tulip’s quality management policies. The Quality Management Manual describes every aspect of quality control. This includes organisation, production, self-regulation, sales, product development, training and audits (both internal and external audits of our Quality Management System).

The Quality Control Manual

The Quality Control Manual describes how our policy of self-regulation is implemented in each of our factories. We use self-regulation according to the internationally recognised HACCP principles. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a management tool for controlling food safety. We use self-regulation in every aspect of production from the moment we receive raw materials at a Tulip factory till we ship the finished product to our customers. Our self-regulation policy deals with issues like hygiene, cleaning and temperature control.